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It’s done!

Many families that we visit for the Show of Hearts Telethon always tell us, “you film so much, but the stories are only a couple minutes long.” Often times, our response is a simple “yes.” But we rarely talk about how these two to three minute stories actually come together. Here’s the recipe.


1 super-duper cute Variety child with a compelling and heart-warming story                                            A whole bunch of video footage and photos                                                                                                Several computers with video-editing software AND internet                                                                      1-2 writers                                                                                                                                                                        1 editor                                                                                                                                                                            1 heartfelt narration                                                                                                                                                    1 emotionally cringing script                                                                                                                                     A pinch of intelligence and creativity                                                                                                                      A dash of humour                                                                                                                                                        3 pots of coffee, minimum


After corralling our TV production crew away from our stuffy TV station to film with our featured children and families around BC, we return to the Global BC station with a stack of cards (not tapes) with all the footage we’ve shot. This gets handed to our editor like a hot potato… “Just take it off my hands, please!”

Our editor then proceeds to compile and create video files of all of the footage, which, through the magic of the internet, is emailed to our transcriber in another province to transcribe all of the interviews into a Word document. In the meantime, back here at Global, we screen all of the footage and list them shot by shot on paper.

Once these two documents are prepared, we’re ready to start cooking. Take one to two writers and strap him/her down in front of a computer with the transcribed interviews and list of shots. Brew three pots of coffee, and let him/her simmer for one to two days, or until the script is complete. Flailing bodies and red eyes may appear near completion. If the desired result of the script if not reached, repeat.

With the completed script that outlines all of the interview clips and visual elements in order, record a heartfelt narration (if necessary), using a Global BC anchor for heightened effect. Place the editor in an edit suite and chill for seven to eight hours with the emotionally cringing script, heartfelt narration, music, photos, and video footage. The editor will begin editing, following the script, and together, add a pinch of intelligence and creativity, and a dash of humour into the mix. If the desired effect is not reached, repeat. Once the story is cut to a heart-wrenching texture, say “YES!”

Next, the edited story is magically whisked away to our Global BC’s Sound Mixer to clean up the audio and add that final touch with music and sound effects that make these stories so beautiful. Combine the cleaned-up audio and picture together, and serve.

All packed up. Have a great summer everyone!

We have moved into the Red Robinson Theatre… a productive day indeed.

And we’re off to the Red Robinson Show Theatre in Coquitlam for the last bit of preparation and to begin rehearsals.

Much of our crew has already spent countless hours there this past week setting up the stage and equipment and building the phone banks where our hundreds of amazing volunteers will be answering the phones and taking pledges from you equally-amazing viewers and supporters of Variety.

Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep, but we think… wait, what were we going to say? Oh can’t remember now. Oh well…

Tune in tomorrow on Global BC, starting at 7pm, and see all the great entertainment and stories. Make your donation and make a positive difference in the lives of BC children with special needs. And don’t forget, we’ll be live-blogging on Global BC’s website and live-tweeting @SOHTelethon during the show, so follow us and join the conversation!

You can now check in with us on Global BC’s website for info on the telethon, the featured kids, ways to donate, AND to join our live blog during the telethon on Feb 11-12. Just hit the link above!

Global BC news story on the opening of Jeneece Place in Victoria. Love you Jeneece and congrats!

There’s less than four weeks left until the 2012 Variety Show of Hearts Telethon! Hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last edition, and even harder to believe show time is just a month away. Needless to say, bloodshot eyes and hair-pulling is now a daily occurrence as we hastily finalize all the details for what will be the best telethon yet.

And even though we’re staggering more than swaggering these days, we still want to take the time to give you an inside look into the preparations for the 2012 Show of Hearts Telethon.

So stay tuned and check back for updates on the 411 on what’s happening behind the scenes. You can also check in with us on Twitter @SOHTelethon and @VarietyBC. Actually, that’s mandatory! So go do it now if you haven’t already! Global BC and Variety BC are also on Facebook and on the web. We’ve taken over the internet so there’s no excuse not to find us. Just type in any of the URLs above!

Help us help kids on February 11 and 12 on Global BC!